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Security cameras have been proven to be more of a deterrent to intruders over alarms for the simple fact that the would be intruder now knows he has already been caught before even entering your property by capturing his face on film.

Another reason is that a would be intruder will usually move on to the next mark after knowing his every move will be recorded.

This can be used as indisputable proof to your insurance company that an incident took place and speed up the process of recovering your money for your stolen items.

Yes, all of our cameras come equipped with night vision.

Yes, the cameras can be viewed remotely from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection where the cameras are located.

No, there are no monthly charges. We do not monitor since all video is stored on site.

Yes, all video is stored on a hard drive at your location and can be easily rewound to view certain days/events.

Yes, at the end of every job a full tutorial is given to you by one of our experienced installers.

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